"...amazing images..."

                                ~ KIRKUS

"This book is a masterpiece of the beauty of Nature."

            ~ READERS' FAVORITE


Lorrie Sarafin's new book - BEAUTY WHISPERS is now available!  Imagine asking for something and having it happen within seconds!  That is the world of her debut book - BEAUTY WHISPERS.  Combining her photography over 20 years and some spiritual things that happened to her in the Sonoran Desert as she was learning how to play the Native American Flute - Lorrie explores the beauty and the mystery of the Natural World and allows us to see that there is so much more to our world than what meets our eyes.

Sarafin is completely self-taught on the Native American Flute and has released two self-produced music CD's - SECOND WIND and MANY PATHS.  MANY PATHS was voted number one by broadcasters across the USA.


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Once again I will be playing flutes outside the 2nd FL

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