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       Lorrie Sarafin spent over 10 years in the broadcasting world in the New York Metro area before moving to the southwest in the early 1990's.  After hearing R. Carlos Nakai in 1993 she bought her first flute and took it out into the Sonoran Desert on her many hikes.  She is fond of saying the wind and nature are her teachers.  Sarafin has released two music CD's - one of which was voted number one (MANY PATHS) by broadcasters across the United States. 



      While out hiking Sarafin took hundreds of photos of the beauty and mystery of the desert - and also experienced some very awe-inspiring events. Her debut book BEAUTY WHISPERS documents this journey and has received several positive reviews.







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CE-5 Retreat With Paola Harris in Crestone Colorado

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Paola's land in Crestone, CO and Colorado College Conference Room on the Baca Campus , 1 Baca Grant Way, Moffat, CO 81143, Crestone, CO

UFOs: Return of the Star Beings Colorado College Conference Center, Crestone May 6-8, 2022 2 Nights/3 Days on Paola’s 5-acre land in Crestone, Colorado $175 • Limited to 80 people LECTURES • PRESENTATIONS • MEDITATION • CE-5 • STAR-GAZING With Paola Harris, Investigative Journalist, Presenter • Danny Many Horses, Apache, Lecturer, Flute Player • Olivia Mackenzie, CE-5 Organizer • Lorrie Sarafin, Musician